“Before we shifted to ABCD, you couldn’t see where our effort was going. Now we understand that the assets are right there in the neighborhood, we just need to support them”.

Todd Wilson

President , Cornerstone Revitalization Center

“Definitely do the Mission Shift training. Just know that the assets are there. I really did not expect it. And dag-gone it if God didn’t put the right people there.  It was awesome. You just have to trust.”


Julie Ferry

Missions Chair, Chester United Methodist Church

On-site Training

Interested in having the Community Way team conduct a training at your congregation, non-profit, civic association or organization?  We offer both half-day overview workshops, one day intensives and two day in-depth training opportunities.  Please contact us to learn more about the cost and how we can custom design a training experience to best meet your needs.

On-line Training

On-line workshops are offered in partnership with host organizations using video conferencing technology. Contact us to learn more about how Community Way can custom design training to meet the needs of your organization.

Public Training

We encourage all our training host sites to open their training opportunities up to the public.  Contact us to learn about upcoming public training events in your area.