This process is helping our Church to see what a wealth of gifts there are in a neighborhood. Every bit of this experience far exceeded what we expected.”

Sylvia Meadows

Senior Pastor, Chester United Methodist Church

“With the encouragement from Wendy, I have focused on developing leaders in the community. They don’t need you to do it for them they just need you to show them how. As a result CRC has grown tremendously.”

Brittany Jones

Executive Director, Cornerstone Revitalization Center

Understanding Asset-Based Community Development principals and practices is very different from applying ABCD in your local context.

Through monthly coaching sessions you, your team or learning cohort will receive guidance as you implement the six phases of the Inside Out Community Strengthening Process in your local context.  All coaching sessions are structured around the goals and objectives of our coaching clients.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is for leaders who are seeking to help their organization make the shift toward asset-based community development.  This level of coaching allows for the highest level of customization and contextualization. To learn more about our coaching options, schedule a FREE consultation.

Team Coaching

Our team coaching option was designed for missions committees, civic groups and work teams who have been charged with helping guild their respective organizations toward an ABCD approach (maximum 10 participants).  To learn more about how coaching can help you achieve you community strengthening goals, schedule a Free consultation.